Vivacia Alpha Lipoic Acid

Reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke, protects against age-related changes in brain cells, stabilizes heart function. Helps protect the pancreas and lower blood sugar levels.

Alpha lipoic (thioctic) acid is an important coenzyme involved in the breakdown of amino acids, promoting the formation of high-energy compounds, and a powerful antioxidant. Improves the regeneration of nerve tissue, protects brain cells, reducing the risk of stroke and age-related dementia. Improves memory and concentration, has an effect on lowering cholesterol in the body, affects the lipid spectrum, normalizing it. The coenzyme is involved in the normalization of metabolism and weight, maintains optimal blood glucose values, increases the sensitivity of cells to insulin, and reduces the accumulation of adipose tissue in vital organs. Improves the condition of the endothelium of blood vessels.

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