Vivacia Hair, Skin & Nails

Recommended as biologically active food supplement, contains methylsulfonylmethane, plant extracts, ascorbic acid, L-lysine, zinc, L-proline, copper.

Complex for supporting the health and beauty of hair, skin and nails. Carefully selected amino acids, vitamins and minerals favourably affect the hair growth and structure. Improves regenerative functions of skin. At the heart of the complex - methylsulfonylmethane, the main component of keratin (this is a "building element" of hair and nails) and collagen ("youth protein", ensures the elasticity of the skin at the cellular level). Additional components (vitamin C, zinc, copper) protect the cells from oxidative damage, contribute to the regulation of the activity of the sebaceous glands, increase the protective forces of the body.

Directions for use: Adults take 2 tablet daily with meals. Suitable for vegetarians / vegans.

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